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Have a question that isn't answered here? Reach out to us by phone at 847-229-9959 or email at info@gameonsports4girls.com.

General Info

Game On! Summer Day Camp Locations

Chicago, IL – Walt Disney Magnet School, 4140 N. Marine Drive

Lake Forest, IL – Woodlands Academy, 760 E. Westleigh Road

Boulder, CO – Douglass Elementary, 840 N 75th Street

More camps to come in the near future and please let us know if you would like us to work on bringing a camp to your community.

Mailing Address (year-round)

Please mail everything (including camp payments, online checks, etc.) to our corporate office:
Game On! LLC
3338 Commercial Avenue
Northbrook, IL 60062

Game On! Summer Day Camp Prices & Times

Under “Locations” on our website, click on the camp location of choice, and “Summer Camp” and you will find prices, dates, and camp times. Our camp days typically run from 9 a.m. until 3 p.m. Depending upon the campsite, we may also offer pre and post-camp care. (For those camps where the demand is too low for pre and post camp care, we have a very successful “coach connection program” that will satisfy your care needs.)

What types of programs does Game On! offer?

Game On! offers multi-sport programming that include:

  • Summer day camps
  • After school classes
  • Pre-school classes
  • Day off school events
  • Reading empowerment programs
  • Birthday parties
  • Proud to Throw Clinics
  • Girl Scout merit badge activities

Have any other suggestions? Let us know!

We also…

  • Donate to community/school auctions
  • Run activities at community/school events

Please note that options may vary depending on location.

Camp Registration

How do I register for Game On! Sports Camp 4 Girls?

All summer camp registration is conveniently online and accessible through Ultracamp.

For all questions regarding registration, please call 847-229-9959.

Full tuition balance is due May 15 and a $25 fee will be charged to your account for every week the balance is unpaid. Camp deposits, less a $100 administrative fee, are fully refundable until April 15. Please understand no refunds will be issued after April 15, and the $100 administrative fee is never refundable.

Remember that your family is not entitled to a refund or make-up days for camp days missed due to sickness, injury, vacation, or other similar reasons.

I registered last year. Do I need to proceed through the entire registration process again?

No. All of your profile information will be saved in the system year to year. However, be sure to reread and make changes as needed. As your daughters mature, their needs and your expectations will change.

Thanks in advance for taking the time to be thorough in your answers. We really do pay attention and use the information you provide to create the best possible Game On! experience for your camper. We really care.

How do I make changes to my registration forms once I have registered?

Just log back into your Game On! account and you can make all the changes you need. You can alter your forms (authorized pick-up list, medical, profile, etc.) at any time. You are also able to add or subtract options such as our hot lunch program or optional field trips, though modifications to these will have specified deadlines. Finally, note that you can make changes to the particular summer camp weeks you will be attending. After May 1st, you may absolutely add on weeks contingent on availability. (See directions for adding on weeks and the related costs below)

How do I notify Game On! if I am adding an authorized driver to pick-up my daughter from camp?

You can add individuals to your Authorized Pick-Up list through your online account. The Authorized Pick-Up List can be found at the bottom right-hand corner of your home page.

During camp season, please call our office at 847-229-9959 if you need to make any changes after 1 p.m.

If you can’t remember your login information or have other problems, please call the Game On! office at 847-229-9959.

We have already registered for Game On! and we LOVE it so much. Can we add on weeks during the summer and if so what is the cost?

Adding Weeks Before May 1st:
We would be ecstatic if you decide to add on weeks contingent on availability, of course. (We have a maximum number of campers permitted to participate per week and we bend over backwards to maintain a safe and effective coach to camper ratio.) Note that the balance for weeks added is not the difference between tuition amounts. Rather you pay per the structured tuition schedule. (does not apply to half day campers)

Adding Weeks After May 1st:
Have your schedules or circumstances changed allowing you to add weeks? We welcome campers to add weeks contingent upon availability, but note that the balance for weeks added is not the difference between tuition amounts. Rather you pay per the structured tuition schedule. (does not apply to half day campers)

Payment Policy for Added Weeks:
Payment in full, via cash or check or online Quickpay, MUST be received by the first Monday of your camper’s added weeks. Your camper cannot participate until tuition is paid in full. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Do you take credit cards?

We do not. We accept checks, cash and online payment through Zelle (formerly Quickpay). You can mail your payments to Game On! LLC, 3338 Commercial Avenue, Northbrook, IL 60062. For Zelle, please use the email: info@gameonsports4girls.com

For more information on how to use Zelle, please click here.

How do I access my account once I'm registered for camp?

You can log into your account here and check your account balance, what weeks you are attending, catered lunch options, and more.

How do I find out my account balance?

Log into your account and you will be able to view your balance on the left. If you need more details, you can click ‘View My Finances’ on the lower left side of the page.

Camp Policies

What is Game On!'s immunization policy?

In accordance with recommendations from the Center for Disease Control (CDC), all campers and staff must be vaccinated for measles in order to attend or work at camp. We do encourage a full immunization record for the health and welfare of all campers. Proof of immunization is required as part of your registration process. Wmust have a record of her measles vaccination before she is allowed to attend camp.

Can my camper go home with another camper after camp?

Absolutely, and it would warm our hearts to learn that the play date is with a new friend. But please add the appropriate individuals to your Authorized Pick-Up List prior to 1 p.m. if possible. For security purposes, your camper will NOT be permitted to leave camp with anyone not on that list even if they provide I.D.

If you forgot your login or have trouble adding someone to the list, or if you need to make this change after 1 p.m. during camp season, please call our main office at 847-229-9959. We are happy to send you your login information and walk you through the process if need be.

Do I have flexibility in the number of weeks my campers can attend Game On!?

Yes. Campers have quite a bit of flexibility as long as our minimum week requirements are satisfied. Though we encourage as many consecutive weeks as you can manage, you may carve up your weeks as needed. Our minimum attendance requirements differ per camp, so be sure to check your particular location details on our website or contact us for the specifics.

Note: The more weeks your camper can attend, the more rewarding, productive, educational and fun the experience will be for many reasons. The Game On! program is strategically designed so that with each additional week, your campers are enriched with new opportunities that foster growth as an athlete and a person.

My camper cannot attend the required minimum amount of weeks, can she still attend?

While we do make rare exceptions, we strictly adhere to this policy. Because we assess on a case-by-case basis, please call the office at 847-229-9959 to discuss.

Is transportation available for Game On! campers?

Generally transportation is not available at most of our camps, though from time to time we can provide a designated cluster shuttle service if there is sufficient demand and we can find the driver, bus and/or van. (Typically there is a reasonable extra charge for this Game On! shuttle.)

We have also been quite successful in connecting Game On! coaches with camp families needing transportation and/or pre or post camp care. Please note though that if your family does connect with a Game On! coach, any and all care services provided by the coach are separate and apart from any and all Game On! services. So all communication, payment, scheduling, etc. are completely independent of Game On! Sports Camp 4 Girls. Game On! assumes no responsibility or accountability whatsoever.

Bus transportation from central pick up locations is available for Lake Forest Game On! campers who register before June 1st.  If you are registering after June 1, please contact us to see if busing remains an option.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

Are all camp-day activities and services included in camp tuition?

All are included with the exception of horseback riding, on-site mini camps run by professional athletes, and the optional lunch program. There may be specialty camps or additional optional activities added at a later date. We reserve the right to charge extra for these programs.

Is the food you serve for the lunch program “healthy”?

Yes, it is important to offer healthy, kid-friendly food. We encourage our campers to eat a balanced meal. Meals typically include an entrée, starch, fruit and veggie.

Please note that the lunch option is only available at Chicago and Lake Forest for an additional fee.

What should my camper bring with her to camp?

Her backpack should contain sunscreen (administered for the first time prior to leaving home in the a.m.), a water bottle filled with cold water (we have cold water jugs throughout camp she can use for refills), and snacks (nut free and in a ziplock bag). Optional items include a towel and swimsuit if she is swimming, a favorite tennis racquet and/or a softball glove.

Please be sure to clearly label everything your daughter brings with her to camp.

It is also crucial that your campers wear laced gym shoes to camp. Flip flops and crocs are not permitted unless worn solely in the pool area or on water-related field trips.

What if my daughter needs medications at camp?

All medications must be maintained and administered by our Game On! Trainer.

Exception: Your camper may be authorized to carry a second EpiPen and/or inhaler.

  • If you are bringing medication(s) to camp, please:
    Place in a ziplock bag with your campers name
  • Include a photo of your camper and instructions in the bag
  • Make sure your camper gives it to a member of the Game On! staff for delivery to our trainer
Should my camper bring snacks to camp?



Campers tend to work up an appetite during their sports-filled day and should send 1-2 snacks with her to camp. However, please note that any food or drink she brings must be peanut free and nut free. Snacks should also be contained in a zip lock bag.  Please remind your camper that she should not share her food.

What will my Game On! camper do when the severe weather hits?

We continue the sports action on-site utilizing our indoor facilities. Rest assured, they are not sitting around waiting for the conditions to abate.

How will extreme heat affect my camper’s day?

When your camper arrives home that day and raves about her typical sports crazy day, you will undoubtedly wonder how it’s possible given the summer heat. At Game On! we have mastered the art of staying cool: Of course we are very careful to make sure the campers stay well hydrated, encouraging them to drink regularly from their water bottles which are refillable from our accessible and abundant jugs around camp.

On top of that, however, we have perfected the incorporation of water fun into the day. Picture this: Sprinklers on the field; Campers running in and out in between innings or during time outs; Sopping wet athletes learning, actively engaged, and having fun; campers galore playing sports impervious to the 100 degree reading on the thermometer. And picture this: Slip & Slides on the softball fields – skill of the day is learning how to slide properly!!!!!! No wonder everyone wishes to sign up for softball during optionals that afternoon.

As an alternative, most of our campsites offer cooler indoor space, so we can move our sports play inside if need be.

Remember that most of our Game On! host facilities also provide us with an air conditioned room or two. Our campers will therefore feel the cool air against their sweat-coated, precious faces at one time or another when necessary during the course of these sweltering days.

Will Game On! honor all of our friendship requests?

No. We will only guarantee one, though we will allow you to list two on your profile form. We commit to doing our best unless the number of requested teammates jeopardizes our camper to coach ratio. In that case, while we may break up the group, your camper will not go it alone. All that said, it is our hope and our goal to foster an environment where your camper will make those precious new friendships that become as valuable as the old.

*Please note that we group our campers by grade. If your camper requests to be with a friend that is not going into the same grade in school, then they will most likely not be grouped together.

What if my camper does not feel good or suffers an injury during camp?

We have a certified and professional trainer on site at all times who will there to administer first aid, call home when necessary, and/or determine if more complete medical attention is warranted.

What do I do if my camper cannot make it to camp on any given day?

Please call the camp office or email Game On! as early as possible to let us know. And please convey the message back to your camper that we will miss her dearly. NOTE THAT WE WILL NOT REFUND MONEY FOR MISSED DAYS NOR DO WE GUARANTEE MAKE-UP DAYS.

Can I visit camp during the summer to see my camper in action?

Our end-of-camp ceremonies incorporate the opportunity for you to catch a glimpse of your camper as she participates in activities typical of a Game On! day. That said, we most definitely welcome you to visit camp during the course of the summer. Our only request is that you call at least a day in advance of your anticipated visit for the purpose of assuring that our camp schedule for that particular day does not include special activities, field trips or events that might interfere with observing your camper in action.

Camp Programming

Is my camper at a disadvantage starting after week 1?

We have many campers who for one reason or another are not able to begin that first week. These later starters can rest assured that we are very sensitive to making sure they immediately feel a part of the Game On! family no matter their start date. With regard to week-to-week skill work, we promise a quick review for our later starting campers to the extent that they can jump right in.

Can you describe the optional Horseback Riding Field Trip?

Throughout the summer, depending upon your camp site, we may offer a few trips for those interested to the horse stable. For most of our locations, the program provides girls the opportunity for instruction during a group ride and a horsemanship session as well. The instruction typically includes hunter seat riding.

For campsites where horseback riding is offered, campers will need to bring us a completed waiver in order to participate once registered. NOTE THAT REGISTRATION IS ON A FIRST COME FIRST SERVE BASIS AND FILLS UP VERY QUICKLY.

What does our Game On! CIT (Coach-in-Training) Program involve for your current 8th or 9th grader?

The Game On! Coach in Training Program welcomes girls and guys entering their freshman and sophomore years in high school who are looking for special training that involves working with and impacting young girls through sports.

• Train with experienced role models whose share our passion for passing on the gift of sports and fitness
• Learn by doing – you will have significant (supervised) responsibilities that can potentially involve administrative tasks, program administration, creative projects and coaching/instructing campers
• Play and teach sports day in and day out
• Experience your own growth as an athlete and a person
• Flexible multi-week options

*CITs pay ½ camper tuition

To learn more about the program and to apply, please visit our Join Our Team Page.

What is our Ponytail Program for girls grades Pre-K (age 4) – 1st?

For a full description, please click here.

How does the Ponytail camp day differ from our regular camp day?

While our classic program has always offered a traditional camp culture, complete with a camp song, spirit contests, water wars, talent shows, and creative arts, our Ponytail program incorporates the creative and imaginative play on a more regular basis throughout the day. We understand that our precious youngest Game On! girls need a bit more nurturing and structured balance between active and more restful activities. Rest assured we have this down – regardless your Ponytails will be learning, engaged and having fun.

How is the typical camp day structured?

The typical Game On! camp day combines learning, individually-paced challenge and fun play in 4 to 6 different sports which may include tennis, volleyball, basketball, softball, LX, soccer, field hockey, touch football, touch rugby, yoga, team handball, kickball and more. While the mornings are team-structured rotations through some of our core sports, the afternoons offer individual choice. Coached by role models who share the passion to pass on the gift of sports, every Game On! Girl is given the chance to feel the reward of progress and a deep sense of all that revolves around the concept of team.

Beyond teaching the fundamental skills and a pure understanding of sport, both of which are crucial to long-term enjoyment and keeping girls in the game, our daily focus reaches way beyond the sports field. We discuss health and wellness as it relates to girls, we talk girl talk, we watch motivational videos, and from time to time, we bring in accomplished professionals to tell their stories.

Finally, a typical day finishes with popsicles, shout-outs about teammates, an ear-piercing rendition of our Game On! song and our pledge which states: I STRIVE TO BE STRONG IN BODY, STRONG IN MIND AND STRONG IN TEAM, GAME ON!

Every day is empowering and pure fun!!!!


9:00 a.m. – Spirited Welcome! All camp games
9:30-10:10 a.m. – Sport #1
10:15 – 10:55 a.m. – Sport #2
11:00 – 11:40 a.m. – Sport #3
11:40 a.m. – 12:25 p.m. – Refuel with lunch
12:25 – 12:45 p.m. – Team Time/Healthier4Me
12:50 – 1:35 p.m. – Optional Activity #1 (menu changes daily)
1:40 – 2:25 p.m. – Optional Activity #2 (menu changes daily)
2:25 – 3:00 p.m. – Minute to Win It/Psych Up for Tomorrow/Pack Up & Pick Up

Which sports will my camper play each week?

No matter which weeks your camper attends, she will play all of our core sports and then some. Specifically, most mornings, your camper will rotate through three or four of our seven core sports including soccer, volleyball, basketball, tennis, lacrosse, softball and fitness. By the end of each week, your camper should have rotated through each one at least twice unless special events cause positive interruption.

During the afternoons, your camper will be able to pick and choose from a menu of sports available to her age grouping (Division). Here the list grows to include sports such as yoga, karate, flag football, ultimate frisbee, rugby, badminton, field hockey, floor hockey, and dance/cheer in addition to our core sports.

At Game On! will my camper do anything besides play sports?

How does Game On!’s Got Talent sound? Our talent show is most definitely one of the most cherished days of the summer.

The creative list goes on: Team banner painting; tie-dye days; team skit, cheer, and handshake contests; lanyard; watermelon eating competition…..

Campers may enjoy Carnival Day, boating, water park days, the beach, Halloween in the summer, and so much more that comes with Game On! camp traditions.

We are a sports camp that incorporates and cherishes a traditional camp culture.

Is Game On! Sports Camp 4 Girls a competitive camp?

We are not a “competitive camp” though we offer ample opportunity for our athletes to play competitively should they so choose. The bottom line is that skill-building, sportsmanship, team spirit, and teamwork score just as many points in the tally as a win during morning team rotations. During afternoon optionals, our campers often have a menu of choices that include competitive sports, advanced skill work, wacky fun such as backward softball, or the new and different such as yoga, karate, ultimate Frisbee, flag football, field hockey, etc. We work hard to strike a balance that accommodates all.

Game On! is NOT about the pressure to win. Rather healthy competition and challenge are balanced by the chance to frolic and play just for the fun of it.

Will my travel athlete be challenged in her sport(s)?

Your travel athlete WILL be challenged and our coaches are trained to motivate your camper to advance her skills. Not only will she have the opportunity to participate in our advanced and competitive optionals (and depending on the camp site private or small group lessons), she will have the chance to challenge herself in her sport during Challenge Course Fridays. In essence, the Game On! program inspires growth and improvement for both the travel and recreational athletes in all the sports we offer.

Will my camper play a variety of sports at Game On!?

Yes. The program is designed so that campers will have the opportunity to play more sports than you can imagine on a daily basis. Aside from the instruction your camper will receive, she will be exposed to the traditional and non-traditional. For specifics, check out the “Sports We Play” page.

Can my camper come to camp and just work on one sport?

While Game On! does offer specialty camps and lessons in certain sports at some of our camp sites for our older campers (subject to expansion and based on demand), a summer at Game On! is all about exposure and growth in multiple sports. For our younger campers, our program offers the chance to experience variety and develop the confidence they need to determine where their more serious interests may lie.

For our older campers, we subscribe to the theory that after an intense and competitive school year, they may need to lay back and have some fun enjoying other sports. In addition, analogous to the benefits said to accrue from cross training, participation in other sports may very well lead to improvement in the core areas of their specialties. (i.e. the footwork and reflex work demanded in tennis will most definitely lead to increased quickness in other sports.)

What if my camper is not a great athlete and has never played various sports?

Game On! will provide the perfect environment for her to explore while having a blast. Whether her experience ultimately heightens her confidence and interest in a certain sport or she is in it for the pure joy, she will thrive.

I read that my daughter will grow as an athlete AND a person. How do you accomplish personal growth?

Teaching and enforcing sound values and making smart choices pervade every aspect of camp. Not a minute goes by without attention to building solid character as we incorporate values such as good sportsmanship, teamwork, spirit, effort, leadership, perseverance, etc. into each and every day. Even our team incentive program awards significant points for these values.

Given that teams are working toward awards, our campers come to understand our emphasis on character very quickly. Moreover, we encourage daily shout outs that recognize model behavior and may go to the extent of awarding individual ribbons for effort, leadership, and sportsmanship if a camper is exhibiting behavior that goes above and beyond. Even better, we create an environment where campers learn to feel GOOD about demonstrating positive values and making progress – it’s not all about the points or trophy!

I have heard that you have a day where ribbons are earned based on performance. Should I be concerned that her feelings might be hurt if her friends or teammates are more skilled and earn the more advanced ribbon?

Great question. We do in fact have certain special days at camp where campers can challenge themselves in the designated skills of the week. Based on their progress they are awarded ribbons that represent levels.

Rest assured that we are extremely sensitive to the possibility that a camper might feel the urge to compare. So what do we do about it? We talk, discuss, and explain from the first day of camp and day after day thereafter, to small groups, individuals and the camp as a whole, emphasizing the following points:

1)     These challenges are not tests; they SHOULD NOT induce stress or pressure. Rather they are fun challenges (and they are);

2)     These challenges are to be viewed as an individual measure of their skill level and we teach how to use these as a foundation to set goals – how the gold ribbon they earned today defines next week’s goal of going for the green ribbon;

3)      That all athletes have different strengths and levels of experience outside of camp. We teach our campers to respect and celebrate our differences. This is a life lesson, one that translates to earning school grades, job promotions, etc.

4)     That all ribbons (and all Game On! awards for that matter) are earned. Regardless of the color ribbon, campers should stand proud of their individual efforts and progress;

5)     Finally, we have performed a simulation throughout the years that really resonates. We hold a push-up contest that pits Barb against the strongest Director of Operations in the world, Sara, and a few of the other strong coaches. The entire camp watches and cheers. Of course, Barb loses big time but emerges so proud because she accomplishes a personal best. She holds that gold ribbon high. There are other messages that emerge during this simulation, but you get the idea.

Is swimming offered at the Game On! Camp locations?

Because our facilities are typically schools without pools, we are constantly in search of nearby swimming pools which at a minimum can offer times for free swim and at best might also include the opportunity for instructional classes. Please see your camp page for details.

Am I able to visit/see camp before the summer begins?

Unfortunately, we cannot give you a full tour as our sites are in use by our host college or school. However, we are more than happy to come to your home or host you at our corporate office where we can show you the camp video and walk you through a summer Game On! Style. If interested, please call our office at 847-229-9959 to schedule a date.

Scholarship Fund

I noticed that you have a scholarship fund – how are donations used?

Our Game On! Sports 4 Girls fund was created in response to the overwhelming demand and need for assistance to underprivileged young girls both interested in and deserving of participation in Game On! camps and programming. While it is not a 501(c)(3), rest assured that 100% of your donation will go toward scholarships unless we specifically say otherwise.

How can I donate?

Send your donation to Game On! Sports 4 Girls, 3338 Commercial Ave, Northbrook, IL  60062. We can also accept online Zelle payments (formerly Quickpay) using the email info@gameonsports4girls.com. But in all cases, please make sure you label with “SCHOLARSHIP FUND DONATION” so we can take care to separate these funds from the rest.


School Year Programs

What type of programs do you offer during the school year?

We strive to impact girls all year round and are proud to offer the following:

  • after school classes – multi-sport, sport specific
  • day off school programs
  • Proud to Play/Proud to Throw clinics
  • Parent/Daughter events

Options vary depending on location. Please check your closest location page for what’s happening near you!

Where are your school year programs offered?

Class and event locations vary depending on facility and staff availability.

Please check your closest location page for our latest offerings.

If you are interested in bringing school year program to your community, please email info@gameonsports4girls.com.