Summer Camp



Located in the Lakeview area, Walt Disney Magnet School affords Game On! the luxury of a safe environment and expansive fields, courts, and indoor space. We are proud to call Walt Disney Magnet School our Game On! home for multi-sport instruction and play for 7 weeks.

Game On! has spent years devoted to inspiring GIRLS through its proven teaching methodology, fun programming and spirited traditions. Name a sport – we play it with the added benefit of playing multiple sports daily. We know that learning the right way and understanding the sport leads to increased confidence and the ability to enjoy.


Aside from our core sports that include basketball, softball, soccer, tennis, volleyball, and lacrosse, we offer exposure to and the opportunity to learn in more sports and games than you can imagine.


Read more about this special program for our youngest campers here. Half day program available for girls 4-5 years old.


Week-long program (week of July 8) promoting growth as a leader on and off the field. Can be done independently or in conjunction with additional weeks of camp. Read more here.


Campers can bring their own lunch or take part in our healthy catered lunch program through Healthy Kids Kitchen (additional fees apply). Lunches & snacks are not able to be refrigerated. All food must be nut-free. Game On! is a completely nut-free environment (this includes peanut butter and nutella, sorry).

View the 2018 Lunch Menu here.


Have more questions about Game On! Summer Camp? Check out the FAQs.


9:00 a.m. – Spirited Welcome! All camp games
9:30-10:10 a.m. – Sport #1
10:15 – 10:55 a.m. – Sport #2
11:00 – 11:40 a.m. – Sport #3
11:40 a.m. – 12:25 p.m. – Refuel with lunch
12:25 – 12:45 p.m. – Team Time/Healthier4Me
12:50 – 1:35 p.m. – Optional Activity #1 (menu changes daily)
1:40 – 2:25 p.m. – Optional Activity #2 (menu changes daily)
2:25 – 3:00 p.m. – Minute to Win It/Psych Up for Tomorrow/Pack Up & Pick Up

CLICK HERE TO REGISTER FOR CAMP! (Or click the pink ‘REGISTER’ button on the top right of the page when ready.)


Jan 19 PreK-1st Winter Multi-Sport Class (Chicago, IL)
Jan 21 Power4Girls MLK Day Off Event (Chicago, IL)
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Dates & Prices

Three week minimum required. (consecutive weeks not required, but they are encouraged!)

2019 Camp Dates
Week 1: June 24 – 28
Week 2: July 1 – 3 (No camp Thursday, July 4 or Friday, July 5)
Week 3: July 8 – 12
Week 4: July 15 – 19
Week 5: July 22 – 26
Week 6: July 29 – August 2
Week 7: August 5 – 9

Time: Camp day runs from 9 a.m. – 3 p.m.

2019 SUMMER PRICING STRUCTURE (4th of July week is prorated since there is no camp Thursday, July 4 or Friday, July 5)
Early Bird Special – Register by Dec. 31 to receive exclusive Game On! gear featuring the logo to the right:
Attending 3 – 5 weeks of Game On! = $600 per week
Attending 6-7 weeks of Game On! = $575 per week

Catered lunch from Healthy Kids Kitchen – $45 per week
One-time horseback riding field trip – $65 (Click here for additional details on the horseback trip.)
Additional Weeks (once camp is in full swing) – $600 per week

HALF DAY OPTION (Part of Ponytail Program) – 50% of full camp tuition prices
Open to 4 and 5 year old campers only. Program runs 9 a.m. – approximately 12 p.m. Monday-Friday (staying for lunch is optional). Minimum of two consecutive weeks required. Can mix and match for 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 or 8 weeks.  Please call the office if trying to register for only 2 weeks (847-229-9959). Enter code halfday2019 at checkout. Note that no other discounts can be applied with the half day camper pricing. 


Chicago Parent Info Handbook 2018
Please read through the handbook (click above to view) in its entirety. It answers many questions about our policies, procedures, and camp experience.

2018 Huddle Weekly Newsletters
Week 1 – June 29
Week 2 – July 6
Week 3 – July 13
Week 4 – July 20
Week 5 – July 27
Week 6 – August 3
Week 7 – August 10

Daily Reminder
Sunblock and water – please apply sunblock before leaving home & pack a cold, full water bottle and sunscreen in your campers backpack.  Please remember to label everything!

Your Online Ultracamp account allows you to…
• Update your forms (i.e. medical or transportation authorization) You have control – just log into your Game On! account and edit away.
• You can also check your weeks, financial statements, and more.
• Need to add weeks on (if available) to your camp stay? We hope so! Contact the Game On! office and we will take care of you.

Stay in Touch Daily
• Please check our Facebook page regularly & read our weekly Huddle newsletters (out every Friday through Mailchimp) from top to bottom to stay fully informed.  Game On! photos, videos, and calendars are all accessible through our website.
• Note that our favorite photos from each camp day will be posted on our Facebook page
• Miss an email over the summer? Check this tab for our Communication Archive.

Drop Off & Pick Up
• Drop Off & Pick Up: Disney Magnet School, 4140 Marine Drive, Chicago
• Look for Game On! signage to identify pick up and drop off location at the school
• Pick-up time at the end of the day is between 2:50 – 3:10 p.m.
• Make sure you do not leave without signing your camper(s) out.  Anyone picking up your daughter from camp must be listed on her authorized pick up form and had a valid I.D. There are NO EXCEPTIONS! This is for the safety of our campers.
• You can update your authorization form through your online account. If it is after 12:00 p.m., please call the office as well.

• We are completely nut free – NO exceptions (No Peanut Butter or Nutella Please)
• Please help us to enforce the rule that campers are not to share their food
• No refrigeration for sack lunches

Week 1
Week 2
Week 3
Week 4
Week 5
W eek 6
Week 7
Week 8


Jan 19 PreK-1st Winter Multi-Sport Class (Chicago, IL)
Jan 21 Power4Girls MLK Day Off Event (Chicago, IL)
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Walt Disney Magnet School
4140 N Marine Drive
Chicago, IL 60613

For drop off and pick up, enter the driveway just south of the school off Marine Drive. Coaches will be standing by the camp entrance for both drop off and pick up. Game On! signage will also be visible.

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2018 Camp Director Kate Stone
We are excited to introduce Coach Kate as our Chicago camp director. Last year, Kate served as volleyball director at our Chicago camp. Now she is poised and ready to assume our top leadership position. During the school year, Kate enjoys running  after-school GirlStrong classes, girl scout community events, and birthday parties for Game On! A student at Loyola, Kate is a rising senior majoring in Sports Management. Owner Barb had the following to say about her: “Kate is everything we could ask for in a director – she is responsible, warm, full of energy and fun, not to mention a role model for staff and campers alike. What sports did for her as a girl is what she expects to pass on to our campers.” 

Assistant Camp Director Aggie Sparrow



Special Awards
Camper of the Camp: Olivia Dorfman
Heart Award: Maddie Dan
Leadership Award: Margaux Moffat
Courage Award: Tova Chung
Spirit Award: Scarlett Brown
Most Improved: Ava Klinger
Ponytails MVP: Alexandra Kovler
Division 1/2 MVP: Samantha Nothman
Division 3 MVP: Mikaela Vernick
Division 4/5 MVP: Marin Thaxton
Masters MVP: Katelyn Olivo

Team Awards
Team Champion: Iowa (D4/5)
Steps Champion: Northwestern (Masters)

Campers of the Week
Week 1:  Samantha Kovler, Alexandra Kovler, Samantha Nothman, Lucy Vogel, Mikaela Vernick, and Mona Willett
Week 2: Saira Lal, Zoe Kromelow, Maddy Levy and Maddy Lehman
Week 3: Tova Chung, Maddy McCarthy, Daisy Jackson, Anya Boparai, Noor Bazzi and Paisley Agnew
Week 4: Sophia Petri, Sadie Willett, Molly Lehman, Agnes Barlow, Emma Cusick, Kaitlyn Rosen, and Grace Brett
Week 5: Maggie Toney, Hope Stineman, Eliza Kaplan, Marin Thaxton, Annika Hull, and Olivia Dorfman
Week 6: Harper Adler, Lucy Wilson, Katherine Frey, Cassidy Johnson, Samantha Borg-Breen, Alexa Kunkle, Ella Wissink, Sonia Liew, and Elizabeth Kay
Week 7: Ava Klinger, Abbey DeWitt, Alexa Sterling, Ayla Winter, Taliah Albert, Tess Ginn, Kate Flather, Maddie Dan, and Grace Ohlms


Special Awards
Camper of the Camp: Natalie Post
Heart Award: Sloane Singerman
Spirit Award: Olivia Harris
Leadership Award: Naomie Herman
Courage Award: Maddy Levy
Most Improved: Noelle Pinto
Ponytail MVP: Maddie Dan & Hope Stineman
Division 1 MVP: Alexa Sterling
Division 2 MVP: Avery Sulkin
Division 3 MVP: Sophie Flather
Division 4/5 MVP: Claire Tibshrany
Masters MVP: Sofia Weber

Campers of the Week
Week 1: Chloe Meadows, Avery Sulkin, Cate O’Meara, Elle Sheaffer, and Mona Willett
Week 2: Lauren Cusick, Harper Adler, and Claire Tibshrany
Week 3: Hope Stineman, Lucy Vogel, Annika Hull, Ari Goodman, Juliet Townsend, Reese Anderson, Thalia Gordon, Gabby Simons, and Ayla Winter
Week 4: Sophia Petri, Sofia Weber, Lily Larson, Graysen Pendry, Lucia Sterling, Lucy Moster, Avery Deichmann, and Mikaela Vernick
Week 5: Sloane Singerman, Abby Feller, Camryn Moss, Maddy Levy, Jadyn Aling, Maddy Lehman, Sloane Larkin, Hayden Larkin, and Campbell Larkin
Week 6: Juliana Simons, Lauren Rosenberg, Claire Golden, Layla Hartley, Samantha Kovler, and Madison Dan
Week 7: Noelle Pinto, Hailey Eun, Katherine Frey, Olivia Harris, Kaya Mueller-Ingrand, and Grace Monago
Week 8: Abbey Dewitt, Samantha Nothman, Chloe Lillian, Cate O’Connor, Taliah Albert, and Samantha Zemnick


Special Awards
Camper of the Camp: Lily Harris
Most Spirited: Sloane Singerman
Most Improved: Lauren Cusick & Harper Adler
Heart Award: Avonlea Hong
Leadership Award: Maya Dewitt
Courage Award: Claire Golden
Ponytail MVP: Ali Schaffer
MVP of Division 1: Mikaela Vernick
MVP of Division 2/3: Graysen Pendry
MVP of Division 4/5: Jordyn Kohn
MVP of Masters Division: Caroline Culver

Campers of the Week
Week 1: Nadia Bernstein, Cate O’Meara, Maya Dewitt, Bella Brown, Sadie Seeman, Ellie Choslovsky, Graysen Pendry
Week 2: Ali Schaffer, Mikaela Vernick, Cate O’Connor, Natalie Post
Week 3: Stella Harris, Sloane Benson, Camryn Moss
Week 4: Claire Golden, Faye Flagstad, Reese Anderson, Dixie Szczerba
Week 5: Hope Stineman, Johanna Weiss, Lauren Anderson, Francesca Santori, Anna Buckley, Jane O’Meara
Week 6: Emery Sill, Piper Larson, Harlow Shapack, Eva Mack, Jadyn Aling, Abigail Feller
Week 7: Maddy Lehman, Greta Sheaffer, Lucy Levy, Juliana Simons, Quinn Urquhart, McLean Moroney, Elle Sheaffer, Fallon Urquhart, Maddie Amato

Coach of the Week
Week 2: Rachel Silverman
Week 3: Alyssa Haight, Lauren Brown, Sophie Sherry
Week 4: Jillian Dreixler, Isabelle S., Marley Arbaiza, Mollie Strawn


Special Awards
Camper of the Camp: Amelia Mack
Camper of Division 1/2: Claire Lokken
Camper of Division 3/4: Quinn Kass
Camper of Division 5: Natalie Post
Camper of Masters Division: Maddie Amato
Spirit Award: Francesca Santori
Heart Award: Maggie Helms

Campers of the Week
Week 1:Audrey Schabes, Emery Sill, Paige Espeseth & Caroline Culver
Week 2:
Laura Blume, Arden Brown, Eva Jakubowski, Tai Williams
Week 3:
Claire Lokken, Fallon Urquart, Claire Tibshrany, Natalie Post
Week 4:
Ruthie Barlow, Juliana Simons, Emma Dow, Shea Moroney, Rosie Goldman
Week 5:
Nadia Bernstein, Mia Kotler, Alex Ostrom, Scarlett Brown
Week 6:
Mikaela Vernick, Sarah Freshwater, Quinn Kass, Jadyn Aling, Demi Mutz
Week 7:
Cate O’Meara, Ariel Goodman, Claire Corwin, Charlotte Gilbreth, Lily Harris


Special Awards
Camper of the Camp:
Jayden Aling
Camper of the Ponytail Division: Nina Zalvidar
Camper of Division 2: Charlotte Steffensen
Camper of Division 3: Tai Williams
Camper of Division 4: Natalie Post
Camper of Division 1: Shea Moroney
Leadership Award: Caroline Culver
Heart Award: Olivia Harris
Most Improved Award: Ella Meyer

Campers of the Week
Week 1: 
Claire Lokken,  Bella Brown, Shea Moroney
Week 2: Charlotte Gilbreth, Jordana Kalman, Ava Manrique, Lily Honney
Week 3: Drew Janovsky  and Selma Taylor
Week 4: Jessica Post, Corinne Alexander, Maddie Lehman, Quinn Kass
Week 5: Nina Zaldivar, Hayden Nurnberg, Grayson Fox, Georgia Philip, Maddie Amato, Maeve Thompson
Week 6: Natalie Post, Cosette Benjamin, Paige Highlander
Week 7:  Ella Kadish, Teagan Moroney, Emma Basil, Ally Flomenhoft, Callie Milner, Stella Harris


Special Awards
Camper of the Camp:
Demi Mutz
Camper of Division 1: Grace Lovette
Camper of Division 2: Ava Manrique
Camper of Division 3: Callie Milner
Camper of Division 4: Fiona Tanis
Camper of Division 5: Anya Gupta
Most Valuable Ponytail: Nina Zaldivar
Most Improved: Meg Stineman
Leadership Award: Hannah Korach
Sportsmanship Award: Reese Benford
Heart Award: Claire Silverstein

Campers of the Week
Week 1: Sydney Tzur, Claire Silverstein, Ava Manrique, Katie Kraczkowsky
Week 2: Teagan Moroney, Sunny Axelbaum, Eleanor Corken, Samantha Axelbaum
Coaches of the Week: Sarah Curci, Leisel Morris
Week 3: Charlotte Steffensen, Anya Gupta, Ella Glascott, Julia Oppenheim
Coaches of the Week: Karina Kim, Angie Walinski
Week 4: Tatum Dunn, Fiona Tanis, Emma Basil, Alice Cao
Coaches of the Week: Kelsi Knutson, Jillian Dreixler
Week 5: Eden Shapack, Corinne Alexander, Stacia Konow, Adina Kalman
Coaches of the Week: Bri Lingel, Amy Bromann


Special Awards
Camper of the Camp:
Alex Carlin
Heart Award: Natalie Rosenbaum
Leadership Award: Grace Lovette
Most Improved: Alice Cao
Most Valuable Ponytail: Kealey Reardon
Camper of Division 2: Callie Milner
Camper of Division 3: Demi Mutz
Camper of Division 4: Sandra O’Malley
Camper of Division 5:Mia Gallay
Camper of Division 1: Mia Grahn

Campers of the Week
Week 1:
Kealey Reardon, Callie Milner, Natalie Rosenbaum, Demi Mutz, Mia Gallay, Caroline Gonzalez
Coaches of the Week: Jaclyn Shifrin, Kyle Zegarac
Week 2: Josephine Pasquier, Stella Rhodes, Natalie Ruhana, Alessandra Kaestner, Eleanor Massengill, Elana Laski
Coaches of the Week: Amanda Moore, Marci Zegarac
Week 3: Maggie Helms, Ella Glascott, Alex Carlin, Harper Massengil, Lauren Brunsvold, Alice Cao
Coaches/Staff of the Week: Kimberly Seymour, Veronika Leszayova
Week 4: Erin Keating, Dylan Tate, Ella Kadish, Sandra O’Malley, Dani Cyrluk, Sydney Hosbein
Coaches of the Week: Laura Gbur, Amanda Swik
Week 5: Lauren Mitidiero, Elyse Gregory, Alexandra Ryan, Grace Brunsvold, Maya Edwards, Mia Grahn
Coaches of the Week: Sydnee Reeves, Kate Stucke
Week 6: Reese Benford, Kate Ginn, Fiona Tanis, Maya Ginn, Ava Tortorello, Keely Lovette, Grace Philip
Coaches of the Week: Annie Zegarac, Rachel Gross


Special Awards
Camper of the Camp:
Anafrancesca Curry
Leadership Award: Kathryn Stender
Heart Award: Ella Nevo
Effort Award: Sandra O’malley
Camper of Division 1: Kathryn
Camper of Division 2: Brianna Love
Camper of Division 3: Reese Giordano
Camper of Pony Tail: Angelina Giordano

Campers of the Week
Week 1:
Demi Mutz, Grace Drumm, Michelle Collier, AnaFrancesca Curry
Coach in Training: Zarrin Karimi, Coach of the Week: Morgan Kantner
Week 2: Lilly Schar, Lily Marks, Brianna Love, Elinor Miller
Coach in Training: Meryl Davis, Coach of the Week: Sydney Reeves
Week 3: Angelina Giordano, Ava Tortorella, Audrey Ruhana, Marlena Resnick
Week 4: Kate Ginn, Avery Miller, Julia Ruth, Julia McKinney
Week 5: Haylie Routburg, Sandra O’Malley, Etta Shar
Week 6: Sami Farsht, Sloane Thor, Mia Rugai, Claire Calkins