Summer Camp



Located on the impressive and expansive athletic campus of Woodlands Academy in Lake Forest, campers of all athletic abilities are treated to a multi-sport experience with all but horseback riding activities on site.


Game On! has spent years devoted to inspiring GIRLS through its proven teaching methodology, fun programming and spirited traditions. Name a sport – we play it with the added benefit of playing multiple sports daily. We know that learning the right way and understanding the sport leads to increased confidence and the ability to enjoy.


Aside from our core sports that include basketball, softball, soccer, tennis, volleyball, lacrosse and swimming, we offer exposure to and the opportunity to learn in more sports and games than you can imagine.


Read more about this special program for our youngest campers here. Half day program available for girls 4-5 years old.

Bus transportation is available for all Lake Forest campers and is included as part of tuition. All transportation for 2019 will be cluster busing.


Campers can bring their own lunches and snacks. They can also sign up for our catered lunch program (additional fees apply). View the 2019 menu here. Lunches are not able to be refrigerated. All food must be nut-free. Game On! is a completely nut-free environment (this includes peanut butter and nutella, sorry).


Have more questions about Game On! Summer Camp? Check out the FAQs.


9:00 a.m. – Spirited Welcome! All camp games
9:30-10:10 a.m. – Sport #1
10:15 – 10:55 a.m. – Sport #2
11:00 – 11:40 a.m. – Sport #3
11:40 a.m. – 12:25 p.m. – Refuel with lunch
12:25 – 12:45 p.m. – Team Time/Healthier4Me
12:50 – 1:35 p.m. – Optional Activity #1 (menu changes daily)
1:40 – 2:25 p.m. – Optional Activity #2 (menu changes daily)
2:25 – 3:00 p.m. – Minute to Win It/Psych Up for Tomorrow/Pack Up & Pick Up


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Dates & Prices

Three week minimum required. Consecutive weeks not required, but they are encouraged!
First-time PreK-K Ponytails are able to register for only two weeks. (Call the office at 847.229.9959 if you are interested in this option.)

Camp runs from 9 a.m. – 3 p.m. daily.

2019 Camp Dates
Week 1: June 17 – 21
Week 2: June 24 – 28
Week 3: July 1 – 3 (no camp Thursday, July 4 or Friday, July 5)
Week 4: July 8 – 12
Week 5: July 15- 19
Week 6: July 22 – 26
Week 7: July 29 – August 2

2019 PRICING STRUCTURE (note that 4th of July week is prorated since there is no camp Thursday, July 4 or Friday, July 5)
Attending 3-5 weeks of Game On! – $600 per week
Attending 6-7 weeks of Game On! – $575 per week

Tired of packing a lunch? Register for our healthy and tasty catered lunch program during the registration process. The cost is $45 per week. View the 2019 menu here.

Want to add a week during the summer? If space allows, the cost to add on a week will be $600.

Note that our optional one-time Horseback Riding trip  is an additional cost.

HALF DAY OPTION (Part of Ponytail Program) – 50% of full camp tuition rates
Open to 4 and 5 year old campers. Program runs 9 a.m. – approximately 12 p.m. Monday-Friday (staying for lunch is optional). Minimum of two consecutive weeks required. Can mix and match for 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 or 7 weeks.  To receive the discounted half day tuition, use code halfday2019 at checkout.  Please call the office if trying to register for only 2 weeks (847-229-9959). Note that no other discounts can be applied with the half day camper pricing.



2019 Lake Forest Parent Handbook
Please read in its entirety as it contains important information about Game On! policies, procedures, and more.

Miss orientation? Check out the orientation video stream here.

Game On! will be offering transportation from central pick up locations around the North Shore at no extra charge (View the routes here).  The buses will be stationed at designated cluster stops for an extended period of time (at least 10 minutes) so that parents have the option of dropping and picking up their campers at a time along the spectrum that is convenient. All buses will have Game On! coaches on board.

Half Day Campers: While half day campers are not typically eligible for bus transportation, contact us if you may be in need of morning busing.
2019 Huddle Newsletters
Week 1

Daily Reminder
Sunblock and water – please apply sunblock before leaving home & pack a cold, full water bottle and sunscreen in your camper’s backpack.  Please remember to label everything!

Your Ultracamp account allows you to…
• Update your forms (i.e. medical or transportation authorization). You have control – just log into your Game On! account and edit away.
• You can also check your weeks, financial statements, and more.
• Need to add weeks on (if available) to your camp stay? We hope so! Contact the Game On! office and we will take care of you.

Stay in Touch Daily
• Please check our Facebook page regularly & read our weekly Huddle newsletters (out  every Friday) from top to bottom to stay fully informed.  Game On! photos, videos, and calendars are all accessible through our website.
• Note that our favorite photos from each camp day will be posted on our Facebook page
• Miss an email? Visit our Communications Archive accessible through the website.

Drop Off & Pick Up
• Drop Off & Pick Up: Woodlands Academy, 760 East Westleigh Rd, Lake Forest
• Look for Game On! signage to identify pick up and drop off location at the school
• Pick-up time at the end of the day is between 2:50 – 3:10 p.m.
• Make sure you do not leave without signing your camper(s) out.  Anyone picking up your daughter from camp must be listed on her authorized pick up form and had a valid I.D. There are NO EXCEPTIONS! This is for the safety of our campers.
• You can update your authorization form through your online account. If it is after 12:00 p.m., please call the office as well.

• We are completely nut free – NO exceptions (No Peanut Butter or Nutella Please)
• Please help us to enforce the rule that campers are not to share their food
• No refrigeration for sack lunches




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Woodlands Academy
760 E. Westleigh Road
Lake Forest, IL 60045

Look for Game On! signage to identify where you can pick up and drop off your campers.



Lake Forest camp Director Jen is back for summer #2 and we are psyched! A school social worker and youth ice hockey coach during the year, Jen brings a wealth of valuable knowledge and experience to Game On!. Fun Facts: Jen played ice hockey for Lake Forest College AND she owns a dragon! (You’ll have to ask her about that one!) Her favorite motivational quote: “Let your light shine!” No doubt Jen’s light is always shining and, like last summer at Game On!, she will bring out the brightest lights in us all.



Special Awards
Camper of the Camp – Maya Moser
Most Valuable Ponytail
– Scarlett Rissman
Spirit Award – Penelope Roberts
Leadership Award – Lola McBride (Adelaide Weiler honorable mention)
Heart Award – Mackenzie Carlson
Courage Award – Haley Diamond
Most Improved Award – Hope Hill

Team Award
Northwestern and Michigan

Campers of the Week
Week 1: Christina Peters
Week 2: Adelaide Weiler and Isabelle Slovitt
Week 3: Scarlett Rissman
Week 4: Maya Moser and Lola McBride
Week 5: Lorena Marquez
Week 6: Emme Collins and Rosie Sodikoff
Week 7: Esmae You and Kaylie Jaster


Special Awards

Camper of the Camp: Shayla Fried
Heart Award: 
Rachel Sher
Leadership Award: 
Kaylie Jaster
Courage Award: 
Alaia Ledezma
Spirit Award: 
Esmae You
Most Valuable Ponytail: 
Sophia Booma

Team Awards
Team Champions:
UNC (Masters)
Step Champions:
UNC (Masters)

Campers of the Week
Week 1: Cora Schrero and Christina Peters
Week 2: Ellie Schneider and Rachel Sher
Week 3: Ella Novak and Penelope Roberts
Week 4: Kaya Schneider, Shayla Freid and Alaia Ledezma
Week 5: Mackenzie Carlson
Week 6: Tegan Midanek and Kaylie Jaster
Week 7: Brooklyn Pocklington and Lilly Cimaroli


Special Awards
Camper of the Camp: Skylar Weinstein
Heart Award: Isabelle Siegel
Spirit Award: Penelope Roberts
Leadership Award: Basie Shannon

Campers of the Week
Week 1: Maddie Turitz
Week 2: Simone Yura, Izzy Yura, Isabelle Siegel
Week 3: Emily Gold and Mara Lishanskiy
Week 4: Shayla Freid
Week 5: Skylar Weinstein and Rebecca Shaw
Week 6: Tegan Medanik and Kate Buettner
Week 7: Haley Diamond


Camper of the Camp:
Erin Hamann
Spirit Award: Reed Farley
Heart Award: Shayla Freid
Courage Award: Hannah Cyphers
Leadership Award: Natalie Peters
Most Improved: Emma D’Souza
Ponytail MVP: Isabelle Siegel

Week 1: Quinn Bregman
Week 2: Erin Hammann, Sydney Kroll
Week 3: Posey Connell
Week 4: Natalie Peters and Chloe Friedman
Week 5: Tegan Midanek, Skylar Weinstein
Week 6: Tatiana Turek, Katie Sarnoff
Week 7: Lillian Kass, Alia Attar, Simone Yura


Camper of the Camp: Basie Shannon
Spirit Award: Isabelle Siegel
Heart Award: Simone Yura

Week 1: Maeve McAdams & Shayla Fried
Week 2: Anjali Johnson, Maddy Arend
Week 3: Siena Soroka, Serena Mehta, Rebecca Lerner
Week 4: Liana Mcghee, Anastasia Tegel
Week 5: Drew Zimberoff
Week 6: Mackenzie Carlson, Nicole Kieffer
Week 7: Lexi Serra


Camper of the Camp:
Natalie Peters
Leadership Award: Serena Mehta
Heart Award: Rebecca Lerner

Week 1:
Anastasia Tegel and Renee Demaio
Week 2: Natalie Peters and Sydney Rubinstein
Week 3: Dylan Zimberoff, Drew Zimberoff, Serena Mehta
Week 4: Basis Shannon and Liana Mcghee


Camper of the Camp:
Norah Zimmerman
Camper of Division 1: Bailey Pommer
Camper of Division 2: Skyler Noster
Camper of Division 3: Natalie Peters
Most Valuable Ponytail: Basie Shannon
Most Improved: Maeve Conway
Heart Award: Sara Stone
Sportsmanship Award: Carly Vogt

Week 1
:  Alyssa Bende, Jenn Kaufman
Week 2: Bailey Curtis, Hanna Cobin
Week 3:  Drew Zimberoff, Dylan Zimberoff
Week 4: Michaela DiVito, Riley Halpern
Week 5:  Basie Shannon, Inna Welch
Week 6: Rose Nugent, Chloe Mutter
Week 7:  Natalie Varela, Mia Fusco
Week 8:  Isabelle Roberts, Casey Slingerland


Camper of the Camp:
Ally Abeles
Heart Award: Beth Fisher
Leadership Award: Becca Charen
Most Improved Award: Liza Tack
Most Valuable Ponytail (MVP): Lainey O’Neil
Camper of the Division 1: Riley Halpern
Camper of the Division 2: Alexis Kreuger
Camper of the Division 3: Erica O’Neil

Week 1
: Lainey O’Neil, Liza Tack, Alexis Krueger, Sarah Stone
Coach in Training: Savitri Lazarus, Coach of the Week: Nicole Drukentis
Week 2: Faith Conopeotis, Marlee and Demi Friedman,Charlotte Jaffe, MaryCarmen Perez
Coach in Training: Selene Serkland, Staff of the Week: Rebecca Gilbert
Week 3: Alexis Tack, Anna Mintz, Reese Belden, Liv Ekholdt
Coach in Training: Rachel Fink, Coach of the Week: Karen Ibata Larson
Week 4: Noel Demetrio, Angelica Mangiaracina, Isabelle Roberts, Jen Kaufman
Coach in Training: Talia Cohen, Coach of the Week: Jenn Grage
Week 5: Hailey Krueger, Ava Ekholdt, Shannon Hardy, Sabrina Dempsey
Coach in Training: Cassandra Diaz, Coach of the Week: Karen Ibata Larson
Week 6: Via Conopeotis, Liv Zucker, Dana Turk, Alex Levin
Coach in Training: Savitri Lazarus, Coach of the Week: Raven Gengler
Week 7: Audrey Rudolph, Norah Zimmerman, Lauren Twadell, Bailey Pommer
Coach in Training: Sami Mahoney; Coach of the Week: Rachel Mohr
Week 8: Drew Zimberoff, Zoe Goldberg, Renee DeMaio, Katie Drummond, Loren Steinberg
Coach in Training: Rachel Fink; Coach of the Week: Kate Flanagan


Camper of the Camp:
Becca Charen
Leadership Award: Sophie Bricker
Heart Award: Jami Blumenthal
Effort Award: Tyler Schreiber
Camper of Division 1: Emily Charen
Camper of Division 2: Riley McCarthy
Camper of Division 3: Shea McCarthy
Camper of the Ponytails: Lainey O’Neil

Camper of the Camp:
Kyra Wisniewski
Leadership Award: Jess Philipp
Heart Award: Beth Fisher
Effort Award: Cosette Bevis
Spirit Award: Inna Welch
Camper of Division 1: Kaitlyn Twadell
Camper of Division 2: Anna Resnick
Camper of Division 3: Sam Fahn
Camper of the Ponytail Division: Sam Himel

Week 1:
Sami Himel, Sami Cherawsky, Becca Charen, Jami Blumenthal
Coaches of the Week: Max Burgess, Jen Grace
Week 2: Lainey O’Neil, Caroline Blumer, Jen Kaufman, Annette Clemens
Coach in Training: Talia Cohen, Coach of the Week: Raven Gengler
Week 3: Carina Matuszewski, Molly Fisher, Abbe Brenner, Ally Abeles
Coach in Training: Rachel Jacoby, Coach of the Week: Erica Anderson
Week 4: Liv Ekholdt, Leah Grabill, Cosette Benjamin, Jane Pinsky
Coach in Training: Rachel Gordon, Coach of the Week: Nicole Druktenis
Week 5: Loren Steinberg, Carly Lewin, Beth Fisher, Isabelle Roberts, Audrey Rudolph
Coach in Training: Paige Miller, Coach of the Week: Sam Barker
Week 6: Grace Turnball, Norah Zimmerman, Macallister Rescorl, Jess Philipp
Week 7: Jordan Jaffe, Alexis Krueger, Greer Deutsch, Kaitlyn Twadell
Coaches of the Week: Laura and Karen Ibata
Week 8: Laura Belhoff, Lauren Twadell, Jamie Rosenberg, Abby Lambert, Brooke Shall
Coach of the Week: Michael Newman


Camper of the Camp:
Kyra Wisniewski
Leadership Award: Jessica Nash
Heart Award: Isabelle Roberts
Effort Award: Isabelle Roberts
Camper of Division 1: Emma Finfer
Camper of Division 2: Emily Charen
Camper of Division 3: Riley McCarthy
Camper of the Ponytails: Sydney Schenk

Camper of the Camp:
Morgan Cozza
Leadership Award: Kiera McCarthy
Heart Award: Jenny Colsher
Effort Award: Alexis Krueger
Camper of Division 1: Nicolette Stern
Camper of Division 2: Jamie Blumenthal
Camper of Division 3: Caity Ross
Camper of the Ponytails: Samantha Fahn

Week 1: Adi Alkalay, Grace Verb, Ava Zaslovsky, Caroline Goshgarian
Week 2: Abbey Ireton, Izzy Moody, Emily Christopher, Ariel Goldstein
Week 3: Jenny McKendry, Olivia Norman, Emma Morgan, Mia Fusco
Week 4: Risa Roth, Ashley Hender, Allie Charnas, Shea McCarthy
Week 5: Ivy Boomershine, Jessica Prus, Sophie Bricker, Casey Golding
Week 6: Lizzy Youshaei, Allie Ables, Maggie Avery, Greer Deutch, Rachel Olatunji
Week 7: Jess Philip, Giuliana Cunningham, Jen Kaufman, Sidney Himel
Week 8: Leah Burns, Cosette Bevis, Samantha Malahan, Jordyn Jaffe


Camper of the Camp: Jessica Philipp
Leadership Award: Kyra Wisniewski
Effort Award: Grace Verb
Heart Award: Inna Welch
Camper of Division 1: Kyra Wisniewski
Camper of Division 2: Casey Borovsky
Camper of Division 3: Kari Dickman
Camper of the Ponytails: Liv Zucker

Week 1: Niki Coclanes, Alex Hornick, Ashley Hendler, Brier Gunderson
Week 2: Nicolette Stern, Savannah Duncan, Anna Resnick, Sophie Varones
Week 3: Audrey Christopher, Emma Vickery, Ally Abeles, Lily Nevo
Week 4: Jessica Philipp, Lisa Cenek, Ashley Morgan, Ella Nevo
Week 5: Maria Palivos, Jenny Goldsher, Ava Zaslavsky, Rowen MacLean
Week 6: Jessica Nash, Grace Lieberman, Emily Charen, Cosette Benjamin
Week 7: Siobhan Murphy, Brayden Goldblatt, Giuliana Cunningham, Isabelle Roberts
Week 8: Kaya Nowak, Ally Mart, Greer Deutsch, Holly Deutsch


Camper of the Camp: Miranda Weber
Leadership Award: Dani Gottstein
Effort Award: Brooke Seigel
Heart Award: Maria Palivos
Camper of Division 1: Brooke Davis
Camper of Division 2: Maddie O’Dwyer
Camper of Divison 3: Jenny Goldsher
Camper of the Ponytails: Riley McCarthy

Camper of the Camp: Hana Rose Berman-Schneider
Leadership Award: Rachel Fink
Effort Award: Adina Kazan
Heart Award: Kyra Wisniewski
Camper of Division 1: Kelsie Henderson
Camper of Division 2: Siobhan Murphy
Camper of Division 3: Elyse Emerzian
Camper of the Ponytails: Drew Klein

Week 1: Izzy Cirone, Miranda Weber, Hana Rose Berman-Schneider, Jordan Simberg
Week 2: Jessica Bleiweis, Sammy Glazer, Dani Gottstein, Zoe Hayman
Week 3: Brooke Davis, Julia White, Annabelle Capstick, Jen Kaufman
Week 4: Emma Riley, Kyra Wisniewski, Elyse Emerzian, Kristen Larson
Week 5: Adina Kazan, Nicollette Stern, Mimi Klee, Lily Nevo


Camper of the Camp: Ilana Solomon
Leadership Award: Emma Singer
Sportsmanship Award: Maria Palivas

Camper of the Camp: Kyra Wisniewski
Leadership Award: Diana Dianconu
Sportsmanship Award: Carling Miller

Camper of Division 1: Diana Dianconu
Camper of Division 2: Megan Schulte
Camper of Division 3: Casey Borovsky
Camper of the Ponytails: Addy Goldblatt
Purple Heart Award: Taylor Thomas

Week 1: Ilana Solomon, Ilana Friend, Morgan Baird, Eva Kirie
Week 2: Emma Singer, Jessica Richie, Margot Sylvan, Elizabeth Ward
Week 3: Aninica Tesvicova, Maria Palivas, Madeline O’Dwyer, Becca Pinsky
Week 4: Caroline Madolozzo, Kyra Wisniewski, Jordan Bornstein
Week 5: Maddie Dondit, Siobhan Murphy, Amy Rogin, Grace Verb, Lex Verb
Week 6: Dana Glynn, Grace Horgan, Jessi Fabri, Maria Salas
Week 7: Emily Komie, Katie Jelcz, Kaily Bruch, Brayden Goldblatt, Erin Gilbert