Ode to Sports for Girls

Once upon a time, in a land that was bad,
Little Suz was bored stiff, couch-tied and sad.

She was listless and lonely; she was weak and so still,
Oh how she longed for a life filled with thrill.

Then one day, while at school, a surprise she did meet,
A ball rolled her way, stopping right at her feet.

Did she dare break the mold and pick it right up,
the boys sending warning, she was pressing her luck.

Yet something inside made her go with the flow,
She picked up that ball and gave it a throw.

The excitement, the feel, the stimulation and pace,
Gave Suz that motive to plead her case.

And from that day on, the land became good,
The courts, fields and gyms filled with girls as they should.

As we look back in history and reflect on that day,
We celebrate the benefits associated with sports play.

The confidence and discipline learned by these girls,
Exceeded the value typically awarded to pearls.

The muscles, healthy lifestyle, and building confidence,
girls learn how to overcome, their lives considerably less tense.

Don’t dare forget the friendships, memories and esteem,
You can’t beat the lessons in sportsmanship and team.

The ability to set goals, strive, and dream grand,
Sports are a blessing, life no longer so bland.

With sports in their lives, girls now stand so empowered,
proud faces taking over the pouty and soured.

As a new sports team that achieves as an almighty one,
we toast to us athletes, earning the right to have fun.

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