Sport Leadership Program

Promoting growth as a leader on and off the field

What is the goal of the Game On! Sports Leadership Program?
Designed for girls in 7th-10th grade, the Game On! Sports Leadership Program will instill skills designed to promote growth as a leader on the sports fields and off. Specifically, participants will learn what it takes to effectively motivate and organize others to collaborate toward the achievement of a common goal.

The Sports Leadership Program will focus on:
• Finding strength in your voice
• Becoming a successful team builder
• Decision making
• Creating and executing a strategy
• Learning from high-achieving role models

Q: What topics will the program cover?
A: Topics will include the following: 1) Becoming an effective communicator and the importance of communication/finding your voice; 2) Decision Making – make the best decision you can and own it; 3) What makes a successful team builder; 4) Goal setting and creating the strategies to get there; 5) What are the characteristics of a good leader.

Q: Will the participants have a chance to be active throughout the course of each day?
A: Absolutely. There will be plenty of time set aside for sports play each day with the intent of wrapping leadership lessons into the on-court/field experience. For example, we may play a game of basketball without the ability to talk, thus demonstrating just how important communication is when trying to work together. Taking it one step further, what a leader can and should say during a game may make all the difference. Or we may engage in an active team-building activity which offers various hypothetical situations that require leadership skills. There’s nothing like learning while immersed in real-life scenarios.

Q: What can we expect from a typical day?
A: Open discussion, small group activities, sports play with scenarios, sports/team-building play, a ref/ump clinic, improv sessions and, of course, plenty of fun.