10 Questions You Could Possibly Ask Your Game On! Camper At the End of Each Day

During a typical day Game On! style, we accomplish so much. While we strive to give you a feel for each day through out photo posts on Facebook and summer album link, there is nothing quite like engaging in conversation with your camper. So we thought we might help trigger productive conversation with questions you can choose from day to day that are particular to Game On!.

Here we go:

  • What sports did your team learn and play this morning? (She will probably mention 3 or 4 of our core sports that could include tennis, volleyball, basketball, softball, soccer or lacrosse)
  • Pick 1 (or more) of those sports and ask what the skill or contest was of the day. You may even be so bold to have her demonstrate to you how to do the skill with proper form.
  • What did you choose for your afternoon optionals today? Why?
  • Do you feel like you improved or learned something new in any sport today? What were you most proud of today?
  • Was there time at the end of the camp day today for a minute-to-win-it contest? Tell me about it.
  • Were there any special activities at camp today?
  • Do you have a particular goal you are trying to accomplish this week?
  • What is the team spirit contest this week?
  • On Fridays you can ask which ribbon she is most proud of , why and what she had to do to earn it.
  • What’s the Healthier4Me topic of the week and the project to go along?

Wishing you Happy and Healthy Game On! chatter!!!!!

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